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Old Wooden Window Repair

Repair your Old Wooden WIndows instead of Replacing

Your vintage windows are built out of tight-grained old-growth fir. Wooden storm windows are built to allow repair. They can easily last another 100 years or more with a little work and general maintenance. Once these original windows are removed you have lost the authenticity and historic integrity of your home forever. There is no way back.

When I am working on a window I treat it as an antique. I employ a 'do no harm' policy.

The options for repair are:

  1. Sash Cord or chain replacement
  2. Service or replace pulleys
  3. Inspect, repair, replace or add weather stripping
  4. Glass replacement
  5. Repairing decaying wood joints with epoxy wood filler and screws
  6. Replacing completely deteriorated wood elements

Please consider window repair as opposed to window replacement. A replacement window can start to deteriorate in as little as 5 years, with many vinyl windows needing to be completely replaced in less than 20 years. Vinyl is by no means final. The double pane glass component of all new windows has a 10-25 year life span before the seal breaks down and causes a cloudy window. These window are not built to be repaired. They are built to be replaced again and again over time. Don't get on the replacement window treadmill. Stay with the windows you already have.

Contact us to discuss your window repair needs.

"It would kill me to put new windows in this house. For one thing the handcrafted sash and blown-glass panes would be costly to replace... and substituting anything less would destroy much of the old place's charm."


Kevin O'Connor

This Old House