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Frequently asked questions


Will I have to use a ladder to change my storms to screens and back again each year?

No with the easy change and store option you can change the screen panel to the glass panel from inside your house.


Why not use aluminum storm windows?

Wood storm windows fit the original character of your home. They can be painted to match your trim. Aluminum storms only come in a few colors and look out of place. The mechanical function of aluminum storms tends to degrade quickly as metal slides over metal. Eventually they will become hard to move or maybe even stuck.


Is it really possible for old windows to be more energy efficient?

Modern double pane glass is very efficient. However the reality is that in most windows, the majority of the heat loss comes from air infiltration, than from heat transfer through the glass it self. The air infiltration issues can be solved by making sure the window is functioning properly, weather stripping is installed correctly and the addition of a good fitting wood storm window.


Isn't it less expensive to just tear out old windows and replace them?

New high quality windows are fairly expensive. Their life expectancy is still significantly less than your original wood windows. If you use a less expensive window, you will need to replace it again in only a few years. In the long run that will cost you more.


Are my old windows worth fixing?

The glass and the wood in original windows are of a quality not available anymore. I would make every effort to save these distinctive features of your home.


Why do you not recommend installing vinyl windows?

There are many reasons:

  1. Most vinyl windows are of low quality and durability.
  2. They are for the most part not repairable.
  3. They can not be recycled.
  4. The vinyl manufacturing process is harmful to the environment.
  5. They look out of place when installed in a classic building.